MEN . . . a should read for all women.


TGIF, with internship and all I look forward to my Fridays now, and try to enjoy every bit of my weekend, so once again let me say TGIF, and enjoy every bit of your weekend.

Last night, i got a message from a friend, with a heading, 15 ways to treat your girl or something, and i think she ended up sending 16 ways, woke up this morning and another friend sent me a message on 17 ways a Christian husband should behave and all that. Bishop Jakes once said, “the standard keeps changing, you use to be a good man if you provided for your family, now, you have to provide for your family, be there.”

I think it’s alright for a woman to ask for what she wants, it’s the twenty-first century, but ladies, lets take a chill, the list is much, and keeps changing everyday, some of these things you don’t even want, it’s not you, a girl, asking for time and attention when she is barely available, then the guy makes the time available and you’re not there. I think the pressure of men to be one thing or the other is becoming too much, i think maybe one thing at a time might help. Thank you very much.


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