Game Station


During the weekend I helped my cuz set up a gaming station for him, I haven’t played one of such games in a while, and it was going to be his first time, within a short time i was done setting it up, and i tried to put him through the game. He wasn’t getting it in life,  then he tried and tried, then he understood it, but he wasn’t winning, after a while he gave up, walked away, and asked me for his other game that he is more familiar with, one that he’s good at.

Looking back, I picked up some thoughts, I would love to share with you, I hope the really help you.

  1. Patience is difficult when you haven’t had a win.
  2. Defeat (continuous defeat) is part of the process.
  3. Dedication is the key to winning.
  4. It’s alright to fail at new challenges.
  5. The obstacles you didn’t conquer today would be waiting for you tomorrow.
  6. If we pay attention to everything around us, we would learn life lessons.

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