To Our Troops


Growing up, I always came across men of the armed forces, on the streets, with their checkpoints and all, never really had great regard for them, can’t really tell why, maybe its cause of their road blocks, or the rumors of them asking for tips or them harassing the citizens they are meant to protect, I never really saw the need for them anyway, I was born long after the civil war, in a time of peace so please don’t totally blame me.

Looking back at the past ten to fifteen years, I have come to discover that, they (men of the ARMED forces) are the threads that God has used to hold this great nation (NIGERIA) together. As we come close to the celebration of independence, I would just like us in Nigeria to think about this, and celebrate this men of the Armed forces.

Armed Men Die To . . .

When there is a bomb blast, they are sent.

When terror strikes, they are up again.

When there is a battle, and people are dying, they rush in.

Yes they are armed men, but the die to.

Day by day their comrades fall by their side.

Day by day the get up and go again.

they are shot, injured, the put themselves together and carry their rifle again.

Armed men feel pain to, all kind of pain, even emotional pain.

The stand outside, nor matter the weather forecast.

He can’t put down his rifle, he can’t risk my life.

He can’t sleep on the job, I sleep all night.

He is a man, he is a god.

He can;’t go home to his siblings daily.

His mom can’t have the joy of making him dinner.

He doesn’t have to stress himself helping his kid with a home work from school.

He lives alone in the cold, while his wife worries all night long.

Lets celebrate them, our living heroes, so when they die, they do it with joy.


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