All Men Cheat

Recently I got into an argument with some ladies, who apparently have had their boyfriends cheat on them, and they said to me, all men cheat, that they would go into marriage knowing, their husbands will cheat on them one day, I tried to convince them, spent over an hour trying to convince them, but they wouldn’t shift grounds. All men cheat they said, that’s it, and they are willing to live with it.

Don’t get me wrong, men cheat, in fact if the price is right, most men will cheat, but to say all men cheat, wow! That’s way to far, I know people who live and breath by the code “semper fidelis” they are always faithful. I even told the girls am faithful, the wouldn’t believe me, they told me, that am not faithful.

But we all make absolute statements like that sometimes, and that’s so wrong, I think we should let people define themselves, don’t call the next Muslim a terrorist without meeting him first, I have some really cool Muslim friends, don’t think the next traditionalist is all evil, he uses his medicine to save lives, don’t think the next Igbo (from south eastern Nigeria) is a killer, am Igbo and I can’t stand blood, or that all Nigerians are scam artists, we are a nation of great people.

Just to leave u with a thought I had today, “the devil will put enough truth in a lie to prove that it’s true”.


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