I met her in the year, nineteen, emmm, I can’t remember, feels like eternity already. She makes the days run super fast and yet very slow, yes the same day. I know you might think am crazy, well i think I am to, but this one I can explain, when am with her for hours, feels like just seconds, but when she goes for five minutes to get some tea, the wait seems like for ever and she seems to leave a lot.

She’s stubborn, really strong willed, she usually says stuffs like “don’t you understand when I say no! means am not doing it” and she won’t do it, and won’t feel bad,(and that’s hurts) but her love makes her bend sometimes. most times, she’s understands the word compromise, I wish she wasn’t stubborn, don’t we all, but her stubbornness has saved my life sometimes, like that one time she made sure I saw the doctor, took my drugs, ate well, and had enough rest.

She told me a lie, but also told me it was a lie, that’s me simply saying, she confesses are wrongs quickly, now the lie and everything hurt, but she’s so sorry you don’t stay angry for long, she has a way of pleading, knows what to say to you, what to call you that would make you tick. Of course I don’t want her hurting me, but sincerely sometimes I want her to do something wrong so I get the nice, cool surprise and treatment she gives me. (to all the hers please do your specials more often and create new ones).

She’s a total her, she understands my jokes, thoughts, and knows how to treat me, when to baby me, when to honor me, when to sit and listen, when to be a boss cause am not around, records show that she’s smarter than me, yet she always calls me smart, she’s a total her, she has her own wahala (troubles) to, i like that she comes to me with them, I don’t enjoy them every time, most times, but for all I put her through, it’s okay.

Her, am sure if Da Vinci met her, he would spend twenty years painting and won’t go pass her hair line, if they great Greek sculptors wanted the make a portrait of her, they would spend weeks just standing in awe of her magnificence,I always wished I met the great Cleopatra, but since I met her, I realized God still works with His hands.

If you know someone who makes you feel a bit of what you just read, take out sometime to appreciate her for bringing in some light into your life.


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