What will people say ?. . .

people say 2

He was six, she just picked him up from school, he had wet his pants, she looked at him and asked what will people say?

It was a cool evening, the weather was chilled, we were taking a stroll, I asked if I could hold her hands and she said, what will people say?

He is a straight A student, he tells his dad he wants to become a stand up comic, he replies what will people say?

He had proposed to her, fixed a wedding date, but cancelled at the eleventh hour, his very popular father quickly asked, what will people say?

She just discovered she was pregnant, and told her mother, who immediately asked her, what will people say? what will they think?

They were married for six years, she didn’t have a child, she spent the whole day crying, when he came and asked her what the problem is, she said what will people think?

Its because of what people will say that’s why she spends her days as a teller in the bank, rather than dancing, with the world as her stage.

Its because of what people say, that’s why he spent seven years studying medicine, rather than painting the next Mona Lisa.

Its because of what people will say, that’s why they are unhappy and not together.

People said men couldn’t fly as birds.

People said we wont last this long.

People said Africans were monkeys.

People said he was not good enough for you.

People said a black man can’t rule the world power.

people say 1


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