Fashion weekend

Fashion is just another accessory for someone with a great style. Fashion is mute but style gives it voice. I will be talking about my salah dress here. It was a lovely lined-lace material I got from a clothing store here, the colour is royal blue and the thought of a complimentary colour for royal blue was what struck my mind when I saw the material, I asked a couple of friends and they said the only complimentary colour for Royal blue is yellow. Awww! I am someone who dreads yellow colour so I decided to take a risk of pairing it with pink (pink gele, beads and clutch purse). That was what I wore for salah, it’s a six pieces gown twisted with organza in steps. The material is amazing, the length is perfect and it can be worn to a dinner or a wedding ceremony. Seeing this dress, do you agree that pink is also a complimentary colour for Royal blue? Will you rock your royal blue dress with pink? Yay or nay?

Dress made by @Blizzcouture
beads and clutch purse made by me
gele from a random store in market.


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