Success in life is demanded by everyone but not everyone is working to deserve it.

Growing up as a kid, I have often been involved in playground fights. I wish I could say that I wasn’t beaten pretty badly but that would be a lie. I have been sober and calm and got beaten up pretty bad. I have also been angry and aggressive and still got beaten till I was blue in the face. I have attacked by shouting like soldiers from the movie “300” before I approach my opponent. He lifted me up, spin me in the air well well and set a new record using me as springboard.

Such is the same with how we approach the good fight of life. We approach calmly, obeying all words of goodwill given by others and we are frustrated. We become quite angry and aggressive approaching with “violence takes it by force” mentality to our job, academic, career, marriage, relationship etc and yet we get knocked down and at times knocked out.


Every fighter understands that his greatest asset is not his strength. No not that. Yes strength is good and needful but not it. Even his mind and emotional stability is not his greatest asset. His physique as intimidating as it is to behold is not his greatest asset.

What is this asset?

VISION!  Vision in this context is sight. His innate ability to see his opponent. To properly evaluate his opponent’s strength, weakness and other factors and recognize how it changes and also to confront what he sees is his greatest asset.

You cannot win against that which you will not see and confront.


Intentional means to plan. Success is intentional means that success is planned. It’s not happenstance. It’s not accidental. Neither is it just conferred because it is desired. Success in any sphere of our life such as career, academics, family or relationship has to be strategic. We have to be deliberate about the success we desire.  Do not fight like one who punches the air. Our punches must connect with our target!

And so I ask myself often:

Am I fighting but not aiming?

Am I just fighting hysterically or am I fighting effectively?

Is my busy schedule connected with the success I am aiming at?


Success is a matter of luck, just ask any fool.

There is what to do to get your success. See it, confront it.

Muchas gracias.



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