How to rob your bank – Pilot

I started the flying Dutchman cause I wanted to give something back, tell my mistakes, and change lives. One of the ways we (the flying Dutchman team) can do that, is to educate people, so hence the ” how to rob your bank” series. Am not going to be teaching how to rob a bank here, here we are going to be teaching tips on how to keep you money (electronic money) safe, and how to make sure u don’t get scammed.
However if you want to rob a bank, here are some tips.
1. Never rob the New York federal reserve, don’t even think about it.
2. Never kill someone in a bank robbery, if you get caught charges move from robbery to murder or even both.
3. You need at least one month to plan the job but not more than six. ( can’t tell you why)
4.  Finally and most importantly never rob a bank, security is being improved daily and its just not right, like so not right.

Here are some tips (ATM card tips) on how not to get robbed;
1. Don’t put your ATM cards in your wallet especially if you have an I. D. Card that gives your details, especially details that make up your security pin, get a card holder.
2. I know using crowded ATM machines seem stressful, however it keeps you from being mugged.
3. Try not to use the ATM machines from 11pm to 6am.
4. If you pin is a repetition of one single number, please change it now. 

Let me end today with a story, a story of a civil servant, who was sitting in his office on a warm sunny day, surfing the internet, with no worries, feeling secured, money in the bank, when he suddenly gets an alert, a debit alert, using his ATM card, which was there with him. He doesn’t over panic, he doesn’t head for the bank to make a complain (at least not yet ), he rushes to the closest ATM machine and change his pin, this prevents his attackers from do more harm.

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