The Recipe for an Unsatisfying Life.

Some years ago mama decided to show me she’s mama and the boss so she asked me to make dinner and worse of all soup, well I had a recipe and I wanted to show I could do it without help (at this time I had finished secondary school). The soup was coming along well, till I found a particular leaf in the cupboard, sincerely I didn’t know what it was, but it felt like it was gonna be a cool spice for my soup (the leaf was dried), plus mama loves vegetables so extra points for me.  Turned out to be the worst soup ever, and my mama is old school, so she made me eat some of it, yuck can still feel the effect. Well sometimes in life we set out to make a meal, but because we don’t have a clearly laid out recipe we end up making something we won’t enjoy, other times we just follow the wrong recipe. So today am gonna try and give you my recipe of an unsatisfying life, and why do you need it? Simply because you could be cooking it right now and not know. So here it is;
1. First boil the water of covetousness, which simply means always want what you don’t have and never take out time to appreciate what you have or be grateful for it.

  1. Secondly add the main ingredient, which we will call “dollar bills”. It was Bob Marley that said “if you chase money for satisfaction, you would never be satisfied, cause money is numbers and numbers will never end” paraphrased.

  2. I don’t like onions, so we will call this next step ” the onion me”. Which simply is live for yourself and yourself only, love yourself and yourself only .

Well these are the main ingredients for the meal, but for effect you could add the following; women (plenty women, also called the “charlie touch”), alcohol and drugs ( what I would like to call the “celebrity brew “), jealous and hate (the monster that comforts us ), and laziness (this you have to add just a little at a time).



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