What religion were you raised in? …CHARACTER! CHARACTER !!

Let me start with telling you two things quickly. I have a brother, one who most recently celebrated his birthday, very cool dude, some years ago he attended a class and he was taught character, well I don’t know what was said to him in that class but as far as character goes, he has an amazing one, he would always say to me, “dude if you ever see me doing anything wrong just say character and I would stop”, thinking back, I never had to.
Secondly, recently in a conversation, a lady asked, “what religion were you raised in?” . This I found extremely weird, isn’t it suppose to be what religion do you belong to? However, thinking back, I realised she didn’t expect me to have a religion at my age, she wanted me to live life without one ( P.S. I think its really foolish to think there is no God or creator ). However let me say here, please show me your character and I would ask for your religion, I would want to know who raised you.
I stay in Nigeria,  I am from Nigeria, sometime ago Nigeria was ranked the most religious country in the world, if you know anything about Nigeria or Nigerians you would know a large number of them lack character, this goes to show that religion does not equal character, however true religion is character, this doesn’t mean character is true religion. So today am gonna drop some character tips and I sincerely hope it helps.
1. Character is who you are all of the time, not most of the time.
2. Character is how you treat people, everyone, even people who could never pay you back. Quick check, how do you treat the fellow who opens the door for you, or the one who takes out the trash in your office. It was Albert who once said he greets the chancellor and the garbage man the same way. 
3. Character is how you tell people they are wrong. So the next time you want to correct someone, take a pause and check your motive.
4. Character is motive.  Why are you being a Mr Nice guy.
5. Let me put this one this way; meaning what you say, saying what you mean, and keeping your word is character.
6. Finally character is built, start your journey today, get a mentor, build with a model.
Here is a bonus, character is how you act when you are down (but also and most importantly when you are high) and character determines those who will love you when you’re down (their character and yours), and on that note I would love to say thank you to everyone who is taking out time with someone who is down, and to my own special friend.

Remember your character could be your blessing or your curse.



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