Life is designed to try your staying power

I often look back and wondered how I made it this far. Make no mistake, it’s not that I didn’t expect to be where I am, no that’s not it. Not that I didn’t plan out every step. Sure I did. I planned every stage also. But I just did not know that the price of victory at the market was going to require me spending my fare and then walking back home.

We often lose things that make it hard for us to talk about. All we can ever do is ponder upon it. As someone rightly pointed out, we begin to ask questions that cannot be answered. Why am I still single at 35? Why am I still jobless with a first class from school? I was a virgin till I met my husband, why am I childless after 5yrs?  LIFE IS DESIGNED TO TRY YOUR STAYING POWER

Losing is part of winning

It is difficult to accept losing as part of winning. Especially if you’ve just been badly beaten. But it pays to look at life literally and understand that not all relationships can withstand the turbulence of success or the agony of defeat. That as much as you trust people, they could betray that trust when you most need it. That we will continue to lose things and people as we navigate through the coordinates of daily living towards our ultimate horizon. That no fighter leaves a fighting match untouched or unscratched. That he only determines what strategies to employ so as to dodge as many as he can, what to do when he gets hit, and how to WIN in spite of the many hits he takes. Because at the end, it really is a question of if you have what it takes to stand.  If you don’t, then maybe you just don’t deserve to win in the first place.

The loss of a battle is not the loss of a war, except you chose to make it so.


  1. For real. Pray
  2. Minimize and end the damage
  3. Get a reasonable distance either in perspective or time or both and reassess what transpired
  4. Evaluate errors and accept your share. Make a mental note to avoid future types
  5. Evaluate mistakes that are out of your control
  6. Blame no one. Life is too short for blame game
  7. Understand for every NO, there is a Yes
  8. Understand that delay is not denial
  9. Please, win again.

It does not matter where you start, what matters is how you want to finish. Wipe those tears, leave behind that emotional baggage and with fresh zeal, re-write the future you want.

If the devil can do something, God will do anything and everything if you just believe.

Muchuas gracias.

Influence: God, bishop td jakes, family and friends.



  1. Well this is absolutely my view on things! Thank you for this sooooo true. Win again! I love it and that’s what I am trying to do! With so many losses its easy to get defeated. Great blog check me out at ogbabymamablog when you have time 🙂


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