A heart break. The best experience a teenager could ever have .


When we think about heart breaks, thoughts that come to mind include; immeasurable pain, wickedness, inhumane treatment, the world crumbling, irreparable damage and  many more words of that nature, and all these feelings should be rightly felt. Today however i want us to look at heart breaks through the eyes of a billionaire teenager and not a personal friend of mine, Mark (co founder of facebook).

It was sometime in the early 2000’s somewhere around Harvard, in the cool of the evening, a young lad was spending time with his girlfriend. Well one thing lead to the other, as it is for all break ups and she said it was over, this young fellow left very hurt, (yes ladies, men feel immeasurable pain to). Well that evening became the foundation for the story of facebook, that would make the young lad the youngest billionaire at that time and put him in the list of the top ten influential people in the whole world.

Here are a couple of lessons I would like us to learn from break ups;

  1. The (heart breaks) are not the end of your world, it might even become the beginning of a fulfilling life.
  2. Heart break doesn’t equal brain damage or death, you can still think, you can still move forward.
  3. Many teenagers, or anyone who is madly in love spends all of their time with their partner, break ups get to make you ask, what more can I do with my life?
  4. You might feel and think she is the only one for you, but once you become an achiever, you would find many others for you.
  5. A break up might be the turn around you need.
  6. We all need each other to survive, but one person cannot ruin your whole life without your permission.
  7. Break up happens to us all, both the dreamers and the achievers.
  8. And if you can survive one, it goes to show you can beat anything, and yes you can.

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