“Am not an addict!”, the lie every addict must tell.

the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

This is the thing about addictions, it’s not bad in it self, it’s what you are addicted to that makes it either good or bad. Now here is another thing, addictions take their power from you, then make you think they are more powerful than you, and that you can’t do without them, while still drawing strength from you.

Most of us are addicted to one thing or the other, or have had addictions, I think some people are addicted to not being addicts (yeah that doesn’t feel right). However, very few people start up something with the intention of getting addicted to it, we usually start up just wanting to try and be in control.

Sometime ago I met an old acquaintance of mine smoking, and I don’t remember saying anything to Him and he said to me, “am just doing this to get through a phase, I would stop tomorrow”. I walked away, then got thinking of how many times is have told myself that Bullshit story, that line, that phrase, that makes me do it one more time, that one that says “I would stop”. Most times the transforming phase to becoming an addict is when you deny it’s hold on you and proclaim your hold on it. And it (addiction) likes you to think your not addicted, so it can gain more power while you lie to yourself.

So the next time you want to say am in control, pause, and think, are you really in control? yet u can’t go on a diet, you can’t stay a day without it, oh no some of you can, but not a week, well, your still addicted, all I wanna do is point out that, maybe when you say you in control, that’s when you’ve lost it.

At this point, I have my note open to where I wrote down some keys to overcoming addictions, and it dawned on me again that I to am an addict (no I won’t tell you what am addicted to), but now you to know what you are addicted to, so could go and deliberately get help but one thing you should do is stop lying to yourself.


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