Stereotypes, the hindrance to a better world.

ChimAmanda Adichie has touched on this in her talk, “the danger of a single story”, I would just like to do my own version and make some additions.
The word stereotype simply means to believe unfairly all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.
I am from Nigeria, after I have made a new friend online, especially from another continent, am always excited, looks like a door of endless possibilities has been opened, one for me to learn and see how people think on the other side of the globe, but shortly after, I would be asked where am from?, and cause am honest I would say Nigeria, and that would be the end of my journey with that fellow, even though I have never been investigated for fraud. It’s a world of stereotypes.
My mom is what one would call a personification of kindness, she is a perfect lady (yeah if you don’t agree, it’s not your story or your mom), she’s extremely selfless, time and time again I have seen her help people even when it is extremely inconvenient for us, but I can remember time and time again when ever she saw me with a lady she would say “where is she from?,Oooh! Those people, you won’t marry from there oh”. She sees people of certain tribes as one thing, and one thing alone.
Recently I got talking with someone and the person said to me, marrying you would be extremely difficult cause your Igbo by tribe and my family wouldn’t agree (now am not saying I proposed) , not minding the fact that I barely know about my culture, I might be more of a northerner than a man from the east. Let me tell you about my very good friend who I visited sometime ago and her mom said to her, “let me tell you, you can’t marry that boy. ”

Am not disputing the reasons for these stereotypes, am saying give everyone a chance to define themselves, you might get hurt Sometimes, but you might also find a gold mines after a while. Gold mines like;
– My pastor, who’s a selfless man, even though he’s Yoruba.
– My Muslim buddy Lala who has never spoken a word in hate to me, who’s full of life, love and laughter, and always looks forward to sharing his new experiences with me.
– My bro Inans who is from Benue, yet the definition of faithfulness when it comes to women, a true SIMPER FIDERLIS.
It’s gold mines like these that make life fun.
If you would like to be given a chance then please, give one to the next fellow. Thank you. Please don’t forget to like and share.


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