The Pride of Humility.

I think there is this thing now where everyone is trying to be humble, or at least most Christian undergraduates in Nigeria or most pastors who is starting up in ministry, everything around them seems to sink, please forgive me, scent of humility. The way they walk, dress, talk and even think seems to be humble.
Here’s another one, most people now expect humility from you, the expect you to let them have things cause they are older, they expect to be right all the time cause they are Leaders, and even when they are wrong it’s humility to sit and listen.
My thought today is simple, if your being humble so that you could be called humble, that I think is pride, so the same pride your running from or you want people to think you don’t have has found its way back to your life. Humility should be something that comes from the inside, not just something you wear on the outside. And you expecting humility, well, I think it’s best when you give it.

Here is a bonus for today.
Don’t share your spouses pet name.
Here am about to give my opinion about a subject, it’s not a rule that you must follow, but I think it’s just a better way. The word spouse here includes people you have special relationships with, i.e. dating, courting, not just married folks. Ok so here’s what am trying to say, I think we all come up with this cool names we call our partners, names that make them blush, names that define what he/she means to you, names that reminds us of their uniqueness, names that we use to praise them or calm them down. You could have different names for different situations. I think it’s just so wrong to have this special name dedicated to your partner and still go around calling everyone the name, throwing it around like it means nothing. I also think we should be disciplined enough to stick to one name or group of names and not just call them anything we think of, like it doesn’t matter. Thank you very much.


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