Your not who they say you are.

” They world would ask you to be yourself, then come back to tell you that your not doing it right” I read that somewhere sometime ago and it stuck, so let me just drop it as I begin to lay out my thoughts.
We live in a world of labels, people try to label things so they can understand and describe them, and they drag this culture and habit into their dealings with humans, so they try to label you to. Sometimes they do this with limited information or a single story of you. A lot of people have decided to stick with the label that has been attached to them, for example your called dull and then you never strive to be a high achiever or you called a crack head (addicted to drugs) and you think you are helpless.
Here’s another part of labelling, your not given a negative badge or banner, no, you are called something you are not, people tend to blow your abilities out of proportion, especially with parents and this puts a pressure on you to be what it says on the label.

Well it doesn’t matter what kind of label you’re given, if u stick to it and it only, you might never discover yourself or enjoy yourself. People label out of the known, your unknown, enjoy that, create a new brand.

People would fight you for not being what they want or have labelled you to be, however take out the label, and maybe you would find some inner peace.
Let me end with this thought, if you think me disagreeing with you is disrespectful, then maybe it’s you who doesn’t have enough respect for me.


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