Not just the dress, but the acessories

For a lady who knows her onion, an outfit is never complete without accessories. Often the difference in ladies at an event is not the colour of their dress. Why? Because a single colour is usually agreed upon to unify everyone. Neither would I say it’s the sewing style. That would count but not for much cause you either overdo it to get attention or you tune it low and be lost. But a sure banker has always been “what goes with the dress”. Matter of fact, the right necklace would amplify the dress and overall fashion statement of the wearer.
In this short piece I am compelled to look at what goes with this dress. No not the lady. She certainly looks “take home to mama” smiles but rather the object of rare creativity on her neck.
Delicately pieced together is what has fast become a must-have for every lady, Beads. Beads has replaced the desire for sparkling jewellery. While there are beads for all price and occasion, quality as can be see on this lady (pix) is paramount. Beads has transcend the era of chieftaincy ceremony to an ornament suitable for any and every occasion; office wears, diner gowns, wedding gowns to mention but a few.
Beads have an established record of boosting the aura of the lady especially if the colour is just right. Orange is a colour that is known to exude a number of interesting emotions. It could represent warmth, sunshine, creativity, health and balance. It also goes for fun, success, encouragement and determination. Simply put, orange to me is a colour of joy and creativity. Little wonder why it’s the official colour of a leading bank in sub-shahara Africa. There are a number of other good colours that you could rock depending on how you want to set the tone for the day, but if you’ve got a blue outfit, orange is your bell ringer.
(Beads by bel, headgear by bel)

Contributor : belificent.


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