It’s funny how we make plans for the future, but then things change, either for better or worse. I was actually planning to do my Industrial Training (IT) at the Educational Resource Center (ERC), Niger state Minna. The reason being, I will be away from home, having plenty time to myself, I can surf the internet, watch movies and mostly, decide when to go for IT and when not to go. I was discussing this with my Mom when her best friend heard and decided to help. She suggested I try her work place too. We didn’t want to seem like ingrates, so we agreed.
Few weeks later I got a call from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Minna, and I was accepted for IT. I didn’t want to go but my mother wanted to appreciate her friends’ effort so she made me. Eventually I agreed and I did resume work there.
It took a few weeks to get familiar with the people and the whole activities in the office. My point here is the people I met. Wow, Very amazing in their own kind of ways. They made my 6 Months a memorable one.
Let me elaborate a little, starting with the Head, Mrs. Aisha Bukar. That’s my God Mother. She’s intelligent, smart, and very good with words, she’s futuristic and ambitious. She’s very interesting, she’s sociable and if she can have it her way, she’ll rather be independent. I told you she’s interesting!
Aunty Fati Wabi. She’s the Head of Administration. She’s principled, very punctual I must add, she’s responsible for the whole activity in the Office, more like the mother to the office. She might be a little difficult sometimes but life needs people like that, to maintain balance and discipline, which she’s very good at.
Hajiya Uwani, hmmmmm! She’s in the Administrative Department too. She’s very quiet, simple, she is hardly noticeable so I don’t have much to say.
Habib, he is from Registry Department. He’s a very simple man. He’s funny, jokes a lot, he’s the male version of Hajija Wani but more sociable.
Oga Awal, LOL, you know how they say in every twelve, there’s a Judas? He’s the Judas. Nevertheless, we could still notice his hard work, smartness, and jokes when he’s really in the mood and friendliness. He’s from ICT department.
Alhaji Bashir, he’s like that God father in movies where he’s not the boss but he’s respected for his age and how long he has been around. He’s smart, intelligent I must say, very sociable for his age, that kind of makes him appear younger than his age. He’s from Accounts Department.
Aunty Halima, wow! She is like that amazing aunty you can’t wait to visit over the weekend or when you hear she’s visiting you all go gaga with your siblings and you look forward to her arrival. She’s that aunty that will take care of her sisters kids like hers. She’s good with advices, positive suggestions and she creates opportunity for you to make something good for yourself and she’s generous.
Oga Abdullahi, this person is dope. He’s like that spoilt rich kid but still reserved. He’s royalty I must add, he’s dad is an Emir. He is very jovial, jokes all the time, and he seems free.
Oga Musa, he’s like that Uncle that you want to always come around. He jokes with every one, irrespective of age. He makes you feel totally free. He’s like a personal friend.
Aunty Hafsat, I am technically smiling at this moment. She’s the most amazingly awesome person ever. She has the whole qualities I pray for in a woman. She’s a rich kid but she’s not all about it, she hustles the hell out of her life, she’s always busy. She’s beautiful, jovial, intelligent, caring, very free, smiles all the time, except when she’s busy. She should have been born in the 60’s to be my mom or in the late 90’s to be…… be continued.
Aunty Aisha. Let me fold my sleeves. Aha! She’s my favorite. She’s not like a God mother, Aunty or friend, she’s like a Mother. She gives advice, she corrects mistakes, she gives suggestions, and she might not have all the money in the world to give, but she’s always there. She’s very intelligent, very caring, and social, she’s so up-to-date, she’s the simplest person in the office and of everything she blows my mind with her kind of religious. With swag, she’s very religious. She’s so simple about God the way she’s simple about life. She’s amazing.
Mallam Salman Lamido, he had to come last. He’s my daddy, best friend, and uncle. He’s a Provider, problem solver, guide, and listener. He’s a religious person, and he takes it personally. He’s very nice, friendly, jovial, generous, caring, and free. I am more like his apprentice. I am more grateful to him because he’s responsible for me more than any other person.
Everyone played an amazing role in my life and I can’t thank them enough. God bless them abundantly.



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