Wishful thinking. The world’s new epidemic. #TGIF

I don’t think WHO has caught up with it, but it’s there.
Catching up with every young adult, with attacks at least once a day.
It’s part of the reason we have youths dropping out of schools.
I think it’s major source of transmission is celebrity gist.

Wishful thinking, the reason we act like we are high, waiting for someone to drop billions of USD in our accounts for nothing.
Wishful thinking has gone beyond day dreaming to all day talking.
The leaders of tomorrow aren’t stepping up the scale because of Wishful thinking.
It’s part of the reason developing countries aren’t getting developed.

Wishful thinking is a cool hubby, nice non stressful way to pass time, but Wishful living is irresponsible, I think.
Thinking about it, I too like Wishful thinking, so am going to take my own pill and work toward my wishes and genies aren’t real.
So instead of looking forward to TGIF this week, how about you plan to do some work this weekend.



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