Am trying to think if I ever had a seat reserved for me, yes I have, a couple of times actually. If we think back well enough at some points in our lives we have had reservations made for us, if it wasn’t in a restaurant, then maybe a parking lot, or a wedding ceremony, or your graduation, or even in a simple class. Somewhere some how we have all had reservations.
If you ever had a reservation, one of the things you don’t worry about is someone taking your spot, you know it won’t be giving to them, cause it’s just for you, so your mi nd is at peace. Another thing that happens is it doesn’t matter how full the place is, you know you have your spot free for you.
In life we all have a spot reserved just for us, a spot just for you and one for me to, having this in mind our job should be to try and find our spot, not struggling with others for theirs. When you find your spot, people will try to take it from you, people who instead of looking for their spots think it’s easier to just take yours, please give no attention to them, just focus on doing your own thing.
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