Recently more than ever before I have come to appreciate the way I was raised, and I would love to share a couple of thoughts on parenting.

Parents just two people enjoying each others company and trying to live life.
Getting up early for work and going to bed late.
Spending their money on each other and going on vacations every other weekend.

Then one night, they became parents and their lives hit a pause and everything began to revolve around me.
They spent their free time talking to me and listening to me giggle, they got up early to feed me and couldn’t sleep all night cause they kept me asleep.
Their money is now spent on making me more comfortable and their weekends teaching me stuffs.

Grown folks with degrees became my cleaners, bathers, bankers, feeders, stylist and all I gave them was a whole load of crap to clean up.
So this one is to the parents, the Real superheroes,
The first proof of love,
The symbol of commitment and loyalty,
The personification and definition of the word selfless,
For all the cold nights they kept me warm,
For putting so much Faith in me even before I took my first step.
For spanking me even when it hurt them more
And being there everytime I failed to believe in me all over again.

Kudos to all my parents out there, love you.
Please share with your parents, a parent, any parent.


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