Am addicted – I to am an addict.

Split into three reminding me of the Trinity.
A plant that bares the very signature of the Almighty,
And doesn’t cause any harm to my body proving it was made just for me. Well no that’s not what got me, I don’t like vegetables.

Unlocking my mind.
Takes me high.
Unleashes the power of my brains,
Has been the midwife of many artistic master pieces
But that didn’t get me, frankly I hate pills.

This frankly is what I need most days when am depressed and pissed to reduce my reasoning power.
So am not beaten up by my thoughts and memories that have more effects than reality.
Well frankly I didn’t do that also, am a sweet tooth and hate things with odours.

So what got me,
MY GRADES, I want them so high Sometimes I don’t care the cost. They have landed me in the hospital more times than anything else.

MONEY, can’t seem to get enough of it, always wanting more with every new day.

TOMORROW, so hooked up on it, I barely noticed today slipping away.

And most of the other stuffs that got you that you can’t speak about and no one knows.

Addictions control us, so when we loose control and to the wrong stuff, destruction is sure, time will however vary.
Let’s fight addictions that will kill us tomorrow today, let’s not do it alone, get help, get a friend.

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