Break Up’s, deal with them.

I think as we teach and learn about dating (or relationships) it’s becoming very important we teach and learn about breaking up as they’re the other end of the dating process, therefore you have about a fifty percent chance of having one.

There are different ways to deal with break ups let me offer my own thoughts.

  1. It’s the end of the world you built, but you can build a bigger and better one again.

  2. Accept and feel the pain, feel free to shade a tear or the whole family of tears if you like.

  3. Take some time off, have a lazy day, think back, get almost depressed.

  4. Feel free to have a junk day (just a day not a life), have plenty junk. However don’t drink or get high, you already have the tendency to make stupid decisions, don’t make it a sure thing.

  5. While you’re doing all this pay attention to how the world hasn’t stopped running, stocks are still trading.

So please get up, improve on your mistakes and build again, break ups are real deal with them.

Thank you, please feel free to like and share.


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