sometimes i think our greatest fear isn’t loosing everything, it’s starting again, this is why we get insurance, the cost of starting again is to much for us. Here is the  thing about life, somethings cant be insured, the cant be paid for, you can’t just start again and use money to pay for everything.

Some examples of starting again we get to experience include;

Daddy said he was going to be there for you, then he left, all your hope was on him,

She said she will be with you till the end of the earth, but forgot you while you were still in the same city.

Time and time again we have reasons to start over, most times we leave people other times the leave us but the bottom line is that it hurts, i think some of us would rather give up than start again.

Just took a paused to think about and released i don’t have one epic statement to tell you about how you could start again or how it will be easier.

So here’s what i will say, you started before and you can start again, your all it takes don’t be afraid.



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