Good day, hope your all having a nice day, if your not remember what ever you going through shall come to pass.

Friendship, friends, you haven’t truly lived life till you have had one of those. Someone who won’t leave you even when they know your going to die.
Friends, as a child growing up I had quite a few, they shared in your lunch as you had theirs, they played with you, let you come over to their place, and if you ever got into a fight they were there to encourage you no matter the outcome.
Friends, your ride or die, your success isn’t complete till theirs is, your failure is comforting if you look around and see them.
Friends, these are they few who love you beyond what you do into who you are. FRIENDship goes beyond sharing into selfless giving .
A friend is not the fellow that just delivers your eulogy but also misses you every other day after that.
I reckon that nature has no greater phenomenon than a friend, but I find my self weeping as we have reduced nature’s greatest phenomenon to a feature on Facebook.
Friends, they are going to screw up, infact the will mess up badly, your their friend so you will stay.
Life is so life (wanted to say complex, complicated, unpredictable, but I guess a word that sums that all up is life) that you need at least a Friend to go through it with a smile.
Do you have a friend?
When was the last time you celebrated or mourned with them?
When was the last time you had a normal day with a friend; shared a ride together, had lunch, talked about the news or laughed about a joke?
How’s your friend doing today?
Are you sure their not in trouble?
Does your friend need you today?

Of life’s gifts I think friends are one of the most expensive to maintain, maybe that’s why I have a very few, maybe we all need to have few.

Take care of your friends, they take care of you. Selah


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