Good day, hope your having a good day, to all my (consistent) readers I would like to say thank you to you all, thank you *smiles.  Hope I have been able to impact you through one piece or the other, the whole reason behind this is to be able to give back to my world and share my lessons with you. Thank you for the experience so far.

Our individuality is what makes us special, its what makes us unique, its what makes us human, its what makes people fall in love with us, its what makes our friends admire us. So much our individuality does for us, however its our ability to embrace the individuality of other that makes us divine, that makes us gods, that makes love.

Am beginning to understand that fights have a place in relationships (the have a rented space, after a while kick them out),and the ability to disagree with people with people we are in relationships with is one we all posses, its not a curse, is not something bad, it just proves we aren’t clones (cloned). However we embrace fights in relationships as something horrible and we sometimes think of ending things once we have one (a fight).

So here’s what am going to say about having fights, next time you have a fight, try this, try understanding, instead of raising your voice try keeping quiet, instead of being restless try thinking, instead of walking out try sitting still, and if you think i don’t know what am saying or haven’t had a fight before, just remember am the one who failed at dating.

understanding does not always mean approval.

Thank you, please leave your thoughts in the comment section, i look forward to reading them.



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