I might die tomorrow

I might die tomorrow.

Daily i feel my strength leaving me, and am not as strong as i use to.

My mind seems to lacks singularity, and seems to have more troubles than it can bare.

And my spirit seems more alive.

I might die tomorrow, but i would live today.


I might die tomorrow.

My friends are few and enemies are more.

My allies are gone, and I hear the sounds of war.

Am out numbered, I might die tomorrow but today I live.


I might die tomorrow.

Love and family seems far while enemies are around every corner.

Nourishment is hard to get yet am poisoned by every meal.

The conditions for leaving seem to be met so I might die tomorrow, but today I live.


I might die tomorrow, the world to might.

I might die tomorrow, actually you too might

but today, now lets live, live!






2 thoughts on “I might die tomorrow

  1. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow….. I cant myt die tomorrow, my mind cant accommodate death, He already died that I myt live, He came to give life and give it abundantly…..
    Oh death where is your sting…. I have passed from death unto life, the last time I thout I myt die, I was probably in primary 1 or 2,but I met Jesus in primary 4 and every thing as changed since then

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