sometimes in life all you have to do is wait, wait, in life all the time you have to wait, that’s the point, that’s the concept of time, you have to go through the process. Waiting gets to build us, it gets to teach us to appreciate what we get. Personally I don’t like waiting, however recently I have found myself in a phase of my life were all I could do was wait, the most annoying of it was my most recent writers block, i just couldn’t write, it didn’t matter what I did i couldn’t, i tried remedies that had worked in the past but nothing, not even a right dot, so i sat, i had to wait that one out, well i guess its over now, cause here I am writing without cancelling.

We live in a world were time travel is the myth that is becoming part of our everyday lives, we are so aware of the concept, we sometimes unconsciously let it into our every day life, some of us live like the flash,we want to get to the end now, at the beginning. Think about it;

Most of us just wish our degrees could just be handed to us without us waiting the years,

Or you get married to that perfect lady without dating, courting or fighting,

Or becoming as great as your master after following him for a day,

Or having that perfect estate and fleet of cars and everything at your finger tip now, today.

I think its the journey that makes the end worth it.

some say its because we live in a fast world that’s why, fast; cars, networks,foods, that might be true, but i think its even more the controlling nature in us that makes us want to be on the speed lane, i think its our desire to control everything that does this, but then think about it, waiting gives you even more control, you don’t have to play keep up.

Thinking about it even more deeply, its not just about waiting but your attitude while you wait.

I hope this was cool and worth all the times i couldn’t write. Thank you, please do like and share.


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