DATING RUTH · Inspirational


“4 And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelled there about ten years”. Ruth 1:4

Love doesn’t die but loved ones do.

Ruth, she said her name was Ruth, it seemed a bit strange name, but I wasn’t from around there so I wouldn’t know what’s acceptable and the norm. She stood on the average heights for young maidens, she was beautiful but wasn’t strikingly amazing, she was just like most ladies you come in contact with daily. However I was new to the city and needed the company, so I tried to start a conversation, she had this willingness to listen, and it wasn’t all about her.
It was a long day so I found my way home, with my head down, looking at my feet as I took each step I began to ask myself questions, questions like;
How did I do?
Did I bore her?
Men would she like to see me again tomorrow?
Why didn’t she ask for my address?
Oh no, why didn’t I ask for her address?
Well I better hurry home and talk to bro and pops about this, but wait a minute she’s not that hot, what’s it about her, or is it my innocence that makes me find her so amazing. Well am young an human so mistakes can happen.

I got home, and well I was the first one to get here, wondering why everyone wasn’t back yet, oh maybe its traffic. I should better shower and get my story straight, I want to be prepared to answer questions . . . well you know how this things goes, I couldn’t resist so I married Ruth.
So this is where you rush back to check the title again to be sure its “dating Ruth”, ok now you’re sure lets continue.
Every day with Ruth was amazing, she was slow to anger, maybe you should read that again I said slow, that is she got angry it just took some time, and with a husband like me, leaving my cloths all around our living room, never lifting up the toilet seat, forgetting to make dinner when she’s working late, always with my tablet surfing the web and watching movies, wait am not the worst am just a man. Ok where was I, days with her were amazing, whether it was her trying to wake up in the morning with her cute face, or her bringing me lunch on the hot afternoon, or us relaxing together in the evening, every moment with her was just amazing, I don’t know how the normal, how the mundane could be so amazing but it was, believe me it was, even having a boring day, looking back at it in hindsight our boring moments put a smile on my face.
So I woke up, just like every other day, I kissed my husband good bye, walked him to his car, snuggled his cheeks and asked him to please come home on time, told him it would be worth his time. As he pulled out of the drive way I pulled out my mobile and texted him “I love you missing you already”. Went inside and started my day, three hours later my mother in law shows up with my friend, am surprised, but then thinking about it again, fear grasps me, I ask them to come in, they both don’t look so good. They can’t keep it in anymore, they both hug me and start crying. There has been a huge accident, my husband and his brother didn’t make it, I can’t even begin to think it, I can’t imagine it, I don’t even want to understand it.
In a world where men of understanding are rare, I found the most understanding.
In a time when men have lost the definition of love and love itself seems to be going on
extinction, I found it in its raw and purest form.
In a society that doesn’t doesn’t appreciate women, I have found a man who treats me
like his queen.
Inspite of the fact that I couldn’t give him a son, I couldn’t even give him a child, he still
treated me with great care, I was the envy of every other woman.
Now they tell me I will never see him, touch him or hear him again. I know this is reality but I hope it’s not.

You can find love in new places, in a place where you’re the stranger.
Love sometimes isn’t from your people, your kindred, or your homies, sometimes love is the stranger.
Sometimes a Cinderella story doesn’t get the spot light.
Love doesn’t die but loved ones do.


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