Poem – Black

I think cause of the luxury of my generation we are forgetting what black is, I hope this helps.

Black doesn’t just remind me of colour, it’s our culture.
Black isn’t just slavery, it’s leadership.
Black isn’t just bad, it’s often times the best.
Black isn’t just police brutality, it’s community.

Black isn’t violence, it’s love.
Black isn’t prejudice, it’s opportunity.
Black isn’t sex, it’s family.

Black isn’t just history, it’s trending.
Black isn’t just just the past, it’s the future.
Black isn’t just charity, it’s giving.

Blacks aren’t just heroes, they’re criminals.
Blacks aren’t just in the spotlights, they’re also in the slums.
Blacks aren’t just innovative, they are excuse experts.
Blacks aren’t just freemen, they are slaves.


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