Miracle Money MM

Sometime ago I discovered something about life, Church and time; it’s that whenever there is an over emphasis in the church, we might be missing out and in time the devil will have a great win. Just think back on church history.
Now am not saying what ever is trending is wrong am saying the OVER EMPHASIS on it could have a negative effect at a long run. Now what’s miracle money, simple, the preacher waves his hand and u all start getting bank alerts it’s like what happened in the movie “now you see me”. This is so cool it’s just that recently I noticed I couldn’t go to church for a week without someone praying down miracle money or testifying and challenging us to miracle money. However there are a couple of things I would like to say about miracle money;
1. It’s usually stipends, I have never heard of a miracle alert of 1 billion or even a million dollars.
2. From scriptures I have discovered that the miracle of provision has a time frame, it’s not forever, everyday everyday. Jesus didn’t keep feeding the five thousand, manna had to stop at some point and so on. Now am not saying God won’t supernaturally bless the work of your hand, he will, he just won’t keep blessing nothing.
3. This miracle money trend is beginning to banish the planning mindset, we just expect a new money every month. I know someone is saying it’s having faith in God, but you to should have faith in you also.
4. It’s becoming THE teaching on money, rather than Godly principles for wealth.
5. Miracle money doesn’t make you wealthy.
6. Miracle money is becoming more like magic and that’s not how God designed for your needs to be met.
7. Miracle money kind of makes you get use to just getting by, rather than living the abundant life God promised.
8. I have learnt that the miracle money you get is kind of also directly proportional to the pastor’s anointing or investment in God, I don’t know about you but I don’t want my wealth to be a function of another man’s depth.
9. Finally I believe in miracles, miracle money inclusive.

So here’s my question for you today, which would you prefer, to walk the desert and eat manna daily or to fight your battles and be established in a land flowing with milk and honey.


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