What does God call you?

Good morning, how was your night?
Looking back at life thus far I have come to realise what people call you goes a long way in telling your relationship with the person, for example if someone addresses you by Mr/Mrs “your surname” that could tell a stranger that it’s possible your relationship with the person is not personal. So what people call you tells relationship, another example is a child calls his mother “mummy”.
Another thing the name someone calls you can say is what the think of you. For example if your called a “guru” it means your smart, intelligent, the best academically.
Thirdly the name some calls you can say what they see in you, what they believe you would become, the future they see you having it tells their faith in you.
Finally the amount of names someone calls you or can call you goes to tell how well and how much they know you. It shows how much of you they have seen.
Now same applies for God, so what does God call you? Selah.


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