Mama said she won’t be the one.

I love her, she has a skin so soft so fresh you know there has to be a God somewhere.
However she really doesn’t have regards for elders, I think she believes respect should be earned not just given.

She’s the perfect movie buddy, watching a series with her is an experience.
However she always picks what we see, always her first, I think it cause she has a good knowledge of these things.

She’s never really made me any native dish, however she knows all the dishes I never grew up eating.

She treats my like her baby but never like a king.

When am ill, she knows to call the best care givers but doesn’t give any care herself.

She has the perfect business ideas, when I run my money by her my interest is sure. However my home is in ruin she doesn’t seem to take care of it well.

I love her, can’t explain why.
How do you introduce the woman you love to the woman who taught you how to love?
Will my selfless mummy leave my care to a woman who doesn’t understand the word “selfless”?
Will a leopard loose it’s spots, I want the spectacular, but we all live in the mundane.


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