It’s not about her, it’s about him.

Good morning. So I did this piece yesterday and got multiple feed backs, for that I want to say thank you. First let me say, my mama will love her.

Thoughts From Yesterday’s Piece.
Everything has potential to inspire you if you give it a chance. I got the inspiration to write yesterday’s piece from a series, here’s the great part, it was made in Nigeria. (won’t tell you the title)

In life there are constants and variables, society’s needs has changed since your parents got married. Here are a couple of constants and variables ;
She might not be able to cook however she might be able to pay for you to have a decent meal, you can even pay. You see if you find someone who loves you, and is teachable then no worries. I think cooking would be one of the easiest things to learn as oppose to character. The good news is it all can be learnt.

She might not be selfless in your own way, but is she giving up her self for you, are you her priority?

Parents are wise and right and have experience however most of their experiences might not be relevant for this time. For example I live in a country where the elders should be blamed for almost everything wrong, and right to (the wrong seems to out weigh the right in my mind) so please forgive the young star who wants to meet you and know you before throwing you the pearl of respect of you.

Hard work, is she hard-working, can she do all the chores and all, but also does she work smart, unfortunately these two don’t always come together. It was Bill Gates who said “he gives his hardest task to his lazy employees cause they would always find a smart way of doing it ” that’s a paraphrase. Am I advocating for laziness? No!
Marriage is not the end of life, it could be considered a beginning so feel free to learn, it’s most times not about your partner but about you.

People would judge you on society’s testimony rather than trying you personally.

To the men, you must realise that your the link between
the woman who taught you how to love and the woman you love. There is a connection between them, there is something mama would love, it’s your duty to point it out to them. Your a leader, influence them. Show them you vision, explain what you have found.

Finally remember what we find are rough diamonds not perfectly cut stones.


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