My lover, My Lord.

Let me start with Shakespeare and say; “shall I compare thee to a warm summer day?”
Shall I? How can I? When I know your presence makes me forget seasons and with your touch external temperatures aren’t felt.
Oh how majestic is Thy presence, such awesome beauty and perfection, an endless array of incomprehensible splendour, yet I feel it’s all within my reach.
Every moment spent in intercourse with You leaves me more refreshed, at peace, better rather than tired and weak.
Nights spent together leave indelible marks in my life, I can’t tell every account but I have become what I am as a result of every account.
Living without eating from you, I have discovered that I begin to die, not just on the inside but the outside to.
Going through life’s worst, I have come to realise that with you by my side I come out the world’s best.
If I rule the world without you, then there is no point, however if the world never hears of me and I have all of you, I have all points.
Could this be true, am I really nothing without you?
Who is more important, my lover or my Lord?
Oh! That they are one.


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