The Power Of His Resurrection

Am a Christian, am a Christian, am not saying am better than you or something, am saying I am someone and I know what it is and it’s intentional.
All of these is so you can understand when I quote the Bible, Paul in Philippians 3:10-11 seeks to know the power of Jesus Resurrection.
I recently read this again and it struck a different light for me, maybe we get it wrong, maybe this was Paul’s secret, maybe this was how he made it. Okay a lot of maybes, but maybe this maybe is worth looking into, maybe Paul wasn’t just talking about when we die physically. I think Sometimes we die daily, when things don’t work our way, when things don’t work out, when we don’t work, we die and loose ourselves and because we don’t come back to life we become people we don’t recognise.
Paul was such a man, am man who had situations that killed him daily but he always came back, he knew a Power, he knew a Personality, he knew a life, he knew Life.
Maybe it’s time you took the path one of the greatest Jewish scholar took, maybe this should be our next thesis, maybe you should give this some time of day.
Cause we need to come back to life daily to live long and well enough so that when we eventually die physically it’s with joy.


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