Ten Minutes Writing Challenge

OK go, stop watch started, typing this on my mobile phone, I can feel myself racing slow, like very slow, like am going to fair, I hate falling, I think am making mistakes already. OK let me try and let tell a story what story now, isn’t it funny in life how wa are always racing against time, yeah I n know I made month two more errors oh would this error just stop. OK in life we are always racing again time, trying to meat one time or 3 othe r, missing the point, time waits for no wine true, but time my times is mine….. oh gosh so many errors maybe I h should change my story line.
Leans track and relax what’s the huss about, am not trying to impress dainty she’s clearly a better writer than in I am that’s in her who now thing, more errors I know, bae would smoke me she would say am embarking her o have to boost this wither her seeing, I meant post, ok.

Let me talk about 10mins, 10mins what’s could happen in that time, damp I just had to great a friend out of my time, conditions aren’t four at all, ok what could happen in ten min times, well first your. I could take a challenge and realise how much practise you redd, u could meet a new friend, make a life changing decision, take a quiz, copy an assignment, spend some time with Ur curse and that would make you day, I meant crush, dainty this is all Ur fault oh, I hate playing the game blame game but this is on you, but in ten mins you could also give your life to christ. Yeah you can say where is JESUS when I need help typing to win this, well he will be with me when am done son don’t feel terrible about making a fool of myself, with u didn’t even make a fool of myself I think his is fun, well in ten mins we you could get a serious ass whooping from it ma,

OK let’s talk about something else, writing is becoming fun, asking myself daily if I see a future in this, do I, can I is there, wait it’s isn’t than encouraging, well Sometimes I change a life some other times people say am bother

=time up,
In life you can’t always finish your thoughts,
You don’t have all the time.
Word count 397

Well got a lot to live up to

You are to time yourself in 10 minutes
place a stopwatch by your side as you type
backspace or delete button is a no no
You must not edit what you type


One thought on “Ten Minutes Writing Challenge

  1. Hehe, It’s crazy how I could feel you freaking out as well. Wow! This sure makes us thankful and more appreciative of edited posts. It’s a fun challenge though, kinda a reflection of your mind in 10 minutes. I enjoyed it and sure giggled when I saw my name. Oh yes, I love how you incorporated Jesus, really important! Hope you had fun writing this. 🙂


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