My Tomb Stone

Good morning, hope you had a wonderful night?
Now how do I start this? Okay I think one should think about dying once in a while, it’s my opinion that it helps you live better and now with my birthday around the corner it’s only appropriate to think about death, and also my Tomb Stone.
What would it read, what would it say, so I thought of the worse and here are a couple of ideas;
Nwokedi Emeka
Born 1993
Died —-
Perfectionist : thought he was better than us all.
Christina, proud, snub.
Forgetful and uncaring son.
Unsocial varsity student.
Un serious student.
Selfish heart breaker
Billionaire bachelor
Depressed Christian
Millionaire womaniser.

To all of these Tomb stones I thought of some who could write that down for me. Now here’s the thing; first, not everyone would have a chance to right in my Tomb Stone, so I would love everyone, but to focus on everyone, no I won’t, I can’t. Secondly, I know what I want written on my Tomb Stone, I would love it to read ;
Nwokedi Emeka
Born 1993
Died —-
Loved God
Loved his wife
Loved his family
Changed his world
Didn’t screw up.

So am going to wake up every morning, and
Love God more
Love my wife more
Love my family more
Change my world
And not screw up.

Thank you.


One thought on “My Tomb Stone

  1. God help you to achieve that…really enjoyed reading this…depressed christian, that is actually really funny because in life that should be an oxymoron but sadly there are a lot of christians who get depressed, in life stuffs happen and even though we are christians and we are promised the joy of the Lord, life gets us down and we become moody and depressed…this is deep and thought provoking, thanks for sharing


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