Pride, have you had her, she’s so gentle you might not have noticed.
Pride, the one night stand that turned Mistress then became wife.
Pride, she’s perfect, never against you, always whispers what you want to hear

Pride the affair most men have and their wives never notice.
Pride, they say goes before a fall, however makes you feel like the most high.
Pride, never forgets about your successes, never remembers your failures.

As good as Pride feels and is, Pride we must kill and must kill daily. (funny just wrote this and in my pride I was looking forward to great head swelling feedbacks from readers, trying to kill Pride too)
Pride we must let go of.
Pride we must not have an affair with if our marriages will blossom.
Pride we must never kiss so our homes will be great.

Pride seeks to make you the one, but life isn’t all about you.
Pride takes you so high that the only way you look at others is,down.
Pride will leave you when you have nothing and have lost everyone, so please leave Pride first. Thank you.



  1. Nice post. I particularly like this line “Pride takes you so high that the only way you look at others is,down…” Pride sure sounds scary! Especially the way it creeps on people without even knowing. I chuckled at the part where the head-swelling feedbacks also feed our ‘pride’. May God deliver us from pride even as we make conscious efforts to leave pride first. 🙂


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