The Almighty God, really!!!

The Almighty God, Really! Someone can have all the Power in the world and be able to do anything, first of all that seems impossible very impossible, but then the word is there and the Christian race is there.
Hold up America what are you doing about this, a God so powerful and already has threatened to destroy the free world, and not in a cool way, and judging from history and his rule book he’s taking you guys first (destroying) .
The Almighty, who then puts him in check, just one being ruling the universe, what if He goes rogue ?? Yeah I can hear the Christian saying He Has perfect love, that He died on the cross. Please I have seen the passion of christ and it looked real, now judging from the Power and knowledge of this One, He could just have easily done that, acted for them, maybe it wasn’t all real, just a script to humour Himself with the human race.
The Almighty, is this really a cool thing, think about it, yeah yeah yeah I can hear the extremist Christian telling me the mighty devil is a worse master, and the Almighty saved me from his grip, well from the look of things the mighty devil doesn’t even seem like an opposition, Almighty vs Mighty, everyone knows the almighty wins, no debates about it, it’s not batman vs superman. But then thinking about it if he’s so good and all good and all powerful, then why doesn’t he just rid the world of evil.
Am thinking of how to end this, I don’t have a twist line, or rather I won’t write that.

This is what the atheist will say to you next time you meet him, so I figured I tell you first.

So you write your twist and share with the world.


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