I don’t know what to write

Most recently I have been having another episode, a writers block, really got me worried, I have incomplete write ups in my writing pad on my reading table and in my laptop.
It’s frustrating, really getting frustrating, My shrink is tired of treating the same problem, as for my girlfriend, well” it’s just a phase for me now” she says . Well it’s really bad when u think the only thing u can do well, you can’t do anymore, I feel paralysed, but here I am writing, typing, talking, not even sure I will finish this, not sure it will get posted, I guess my block might come as a result of storms in my life, storms of depression, frustration, economy melt down, power problems and all.

I guess that’s life, and that’s what storms do, storms try to tell you, your outnumbered, they try to tell you, that you can’t win, but here I am, suffering yet writing, writing even though I don’t know what to say yes.

Okay, enough about my own issues, let me leave you with a footnote, something to help build your relationships, something that would make you win friends and influence people, something very simple.

Attention and Action.
Pay attention to your friends, pay close attention to them, be observant, did you notice that smile leave your friends face, did you notice that your crush came today and her colors were just off. Pay attention, the world is not just about you.
Action, don’t just pay attention for knowledge sake, if that’s your only reasons then you can read a book, read a book.
Take action after observation, make a change, things don’t just happen they are caused, be a doer, keep your relationship alive.

Now let’s continue with me.

Am having a writers block, I can’t write.
I feel like life has left me.
Am full, yet unhappy.
Am having a block, life has obstacles so.

Am having a block, different spheres of my life are calling for me.
My past won’t let me be, My future won’t give me a break, I live in the present but I don’t recognise it.

Am having a block, am trying to build inspite of the storm.
Am trying to smile, inspite of the hurt.
Am trying to live, inspite of death.

Am having a writers block.
Am a writer, barely can afford the penny for my ink.
Barely can afford to pay my rent.
Barely can get the attention of my world .

But it’s not about me, but then what’s it about.



3 thoughts on “I don’t know what to write

  1. You captured the struggle every writer faces so well. The beauty is that, you produced something so mind blowing regardless of the storms that have hit you hard. I’m taking the piece of advice you dropped to heart- attention and action. I think there’s quote about ships not sinking because of the storm but because of the water that get into them. Writers block is just a phase and it will phase out. Don’t let it deter you from sharing such amazing words with us.
    PS: I’ve been waiting for your comeback, and this didn’t disappoint!

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