How quickly we’ve become they monsters we feared

Hmmmm, this sounds familiar, thinking about it again, maybe I have written a piece on this before, but forgive me for stating it again.

How quickly we have become the monsters we feared,let me take your mind back, maybe you would remember when you were little and just a junior in secondary school, and your seniors bullied you and stressed your life, then you said you will treat people better, well how did that turn out? Did you treat them better or become or a monster.

Remember when you heard heart breaking stories of people leaving their lovers and cheating on them and you always said if you had a girl like her or a guy like him you would treat them right? Well did you? how quickly we have become the monsters we feared.

How about when you were a kid, and your parents didn’t treat you right, and you prayed to God asking Him to take you through this abuse to have children of your own, well now you do, do you treat them right? Hmmmm.

How about when the chips were down and you didn’t have much money but prayed to God that if He blessed you, you won’t turn people down, well when was the last time you helped a fellow? Hmmmm monsters already.

You see its not that your a monster that’s the problem, it’s that you have become what you know how it feels to fear, and you didn’t notice, look in the mirror, kill the beast so the beauty might live.

I haven’t hit any milestones lately but I believe some acknowledgement is long over due, so let me end today’s post by saying thank you;

Thank you to dainty my new friend and partner, she’s really blessed, she’s called.
Thank you to lala, ope and Etoro, they believed in me when I started blogging.
Thank you to Edmond, your really an encouragement.
Thank you to my pastor, it’s cause you teach me that’s why I have wisdom.
Thank you to my haters, I love u still.
Thank you to my mummy, it’s cause she pays my bills that I can do this.
And I want to say thank you to bae, she’s always there, reading my horrible grammatical errors, correcting and encouraging me, I really love and appreciate all you do for me.

The flying dutchman has touched lives cause of you all, thank you.


2 thoughts on “How quickly we’ve become they monsters we feared

  1. Hmmm. Your post always leaves me with something to think about. I think I’ve become the monster I feared in one way or the other. You know how Job said the thing I feared has come upon me…could it be the fear that makes us monsters? (just random thoughts). As I said, you’ve left me with a lot to think about.
    PS: Thank you too for being an inspiration (and for asking mind blowing questions all the time) 🙂


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