So i just read the title and i asked my self; who e epp? who you help? why should the next fellow take out time to read a set of my random thoughts? well i don’t know, I know I haven’t written in a while(so this was when i was having  a writers block, I couldn’t finish it then) , and I want to write but I can’t seem to get my thoughts in line so I might just give it to you like this.

On Family.

family, oh family the bond that strengthens us.

family the love that grows us.

family the care that feeds us.

family the burden we bear

the curse we carry.

the demons we face.

On money.

Save, invest, sow, and give.Remember you can’t tell people how to spend their money so go make yours.

On relationships & friendships. Its precious, treat it right.

On hunger.  It kills people people, for real hunger kills. So buy someone a meal.

To Kids

No one can tell you what you and and what you can become, it’s our would we can make it better, we should make it better, lets make it better.

To the Generation before mine.

I hear you, I have heard you say my generation has messed up things and the world. Here is what I have to say, you can still be relevant, you can still teach those of us who are teachable.

To the Educational system.

I really do think alot can be done, in my opinion you have failed to give to us what you require from us, I think that’s a definition of a thief.

To hollywood.

You have made death some common and so easy that when we watch bullets fly into people in your movies and they die, the the movie goes on easily we begin to think we ca handle death, we begin to trivialize death, and not cherish life, yes I know thousands or maybe even.

To God

please forgive those in hell, yeah i know you read my blog, you should try and comment sometime.

On Sex.

There is more to life than sex, but then life begins at sex. Trying to figure out why so much is been said about this daily and why the urge always seems powerful.

To students, there is more to life than academics.

To those trying to make it, don’t give up.


thank you.





  1. Thanks for opening the window to your mind so we see these unique thought processes which touch major issues- including things everyone knows but nobody says. These are the thoughts of an intelligent mind not limited by the boxes. I’d have to catch up with you on the ‘thinking outside the box’ thingy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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