Everyone has a story, hear their story, meet them.

Everyone has a story, true, very true.

Let me say it again, every one has a story, we live in a world where people prefer to hear stories than tell them, that helps us to forget that we to have stories.

Today we let the stories of other people define them, rather than meet them, today, I would like to tell a story, a story of someone, just to show my point.

I heard of this woman, well for some reason has had so many relationships, got into quite a number of marriages, and for some reason she didn’t have children out of wedlock or children at all. Well the story around was she had taken out so many babies she didn’t have a womb. Parents told their children, especially the young ladies to stay away from her, so she didn’t have anyone, and men who wanted sex just shaked up with her, had their fill then left.

However one day a stranger came to town, he knew her story but he wanted to meet her, when he showed interest in she wondered why and was surprised, however after his meeting with her, we learnt some new things about this woman.The include;

First she was intelligent, smart and educated.
She had determination and tenacity.
She was an expert in advertising.
A life changing evangelist.
She was strong.
Ever read about Jesus and the woman at the well, cool story you can read it sometime.

Everyone has a story, you have heard them, but meet them, we are more than out stories, we are more than our past.

I wanna tell my story.

I want to tell it to the world but am scared.

I want to tell my story, but I want you to love me when am done.

I want to tell my story, cause I want you to meet all of me .

I want to tell my story, am getting old so I tend to talk.

I want to tell my story, but please remember today isn’t yesterday.

I want to tell you my story, but I don’t want to be alone when am done.

I want to tell me story, please remember am more than my story.


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