Have you met you?

Good evening, how was your day? (yes tell me about it at the comment section please).
So I was thinking about this love your neighbour thing, you know, God saying love your neighbour and all, and I realised it’s difficult to Love your neighbour when you don’t like your neighbour or your neighbour just specialises is doing all the wrong things. Unfortunately we don’t always get to pick our neighbours, however, love them all the same .

Then my thought just flipped, and I asked myself, have you met you?
I stopped to think about it, am an amazing person, or am I now?
1. .. . .
2. . .. .
. . . The list goes on, things about my self I couldn’t stand in another fellow, but people love me, my neighbours love me.
You see occasionally we tend to think we are they only ones compromising or bearing one thing or the other, but it’s not true, people put up with u to.

So I will end today by saying love your neighbour, you don’t have to take them out for ice cream.


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