Love Terror Islam

Good morning, hope your having a great weekend.
OK let me catch you up, Islamic terrorist groups have been killing people all around the world or rather in parts of the world, there by creating a stereotype. That Muslims are violent blood thirsty folks who just want to kill you. Well that’s not entirely wrong, and it’s becoming difficult to live with out having this stereotype. In Nigeria now we are looking at the Muslim community as a group that seeks to turn this country to an Islamic one and kill or enslave us all.
But let’s bring this back home to your level, I don’t think we should give up on Muslims, they are humans, they still have their humanity, so they need to be treated like humans with love. Secondly how you think they would treat you shouldn’t be how you treat them. No one is born evil, behaviour is learnt, if you show them a better way they would learn.

Paul puts it this way, I show you a more excellent way, follow the way of love.
Let’s end terrorism, let’s love.


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