Beauty is relative

She said to me, there are more beautiful girls out there, but looking at her I couldn’t imagine anyone more beautiful.
She said her mom told her she could never bring a man home, I said to her I can not go home without her.
She said her ex said dating her was doing her a favour, I said her being with me would mean the world to me.
She said she was never the centre of attention anywhere, I said to her on a night when the moon is full and the stars are perfectly aligned, I still won’t be tempted to look away, cause she’s more awesome.
She asked where I was from, cause no one ever saw her this way, I asked where she’s from, cause people from around here don’t look this way.

You see in life you would find someone who will see you the way your creator sees you. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Beauty is relative

  1. I imagined you taking a bow after the ‘thank you’, Lol. This is all so lovely and a little mushy for me! I let out lots of ‘awwws’ while reading it 🙂 Beautiful!


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