Knocked down, not knocked out.

The pass couple of days, wait I think it’s weeks, the pass couple of weeks have been stressful for me. Longer days, shorter nights and most days I get home beaten, sometimes even more depressed. Seems like I can’t get a single good break, (oh I did get some good breaks but sometimes the bad just makes the good go unnoticed) .
Today was the end of another of such days, got home late, felt I should at least have a shower, I heard if I keep up with my daily routines I won’t fall into serious depression. So the shower, My thinking spot, am thinking, so what happened today, I thought I would have succeeded in this by now, thought I would have moved passed here, but here I am, today, beaten by life again, as I thought I realised I wasn’t knocked out, am still here, I can still fight, I can still win.

So am knocked down but not knocked out, I guess life isn’t such a badass (sorry).
I will get up again, I can still see my supporters, they have faith in me, I won’t quit on them.
I will fight again tomorrow, God didn’t let me die today, He must have a reason.
If life couldn’t win, then maybe I could.
Am knocked down, but I won’t go out, My future is watching.
I would come back again tomorrow, and if tomorrow am beaten, I will come back again.
We owe it to life not to quit.
Thank you.


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