Teachers, Monsters, Legends.

Good afternoon, how are you all doing? It’s been a thoughtful couple of days for me, especially on the topic of mentors and teachers, yes I can’t stop saying it, we would be having Pastor Bolaji tomorrow Capture

so I got thinking and I hope this piece makes you get a mentor and keep a date with tomorrow’s post.

All men are created equal, all men, but none dies equal to another. 

All men are created equal, yet some become rulers and others become slaves. 

All men want to become better, but most men just end up smaller. 

Its their teachers that make the difference. 

All men are created neutral. 

Some men turn out to be great, good morals. 

Others turn out to be evil. 

what makes the difference is who they listen to, who they follow.

All men are born filled with love.

some men become abusers.

others become lovers.

what makes the difference is who they admire.

Teachers and Mentors create us in the end.

They make some of us monsters and others lovers. 

they create life savers or killers.

Not having them could be as dangerous as having the wrong ones.

teachers make the world better or worse.

sometimes its not just about the teacher being great, but also in their teaching you a great topic. thank you.


2 thoughts on “Teachers, Monsters, Legends.

  1. This is a profound piece! The roles of great teachers and mentors can never be overemphasized. They sure make the difference! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂
    PS: Don’t we get to hear Pastor Bolaji talk about the challenges of young women as well? 🙂

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